Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sumthrang moves a step towards revival...

Drupthob Melong Dorji Drup Phug
(retreat cave) at Sumthrang cliff
Sumthrang has been a monastic seat where retreat was the focus according to Sumthrang Chojey Lam Gyamtsho.

As you see around the cliff at the north, there are as many ruins of ancient retreat centers, where forefathers of Sumthrang Choje family led as many followers on retreat at these places. The cliff also houses a retreat cave of Drubthob Melong Dorji, the oral accounts has it that, the Drupthob flew from this cave. 

The cave also have a blueish colour within the cave  which according to Choje Lama Jamtsho is the result of a fire that appeared from Drubthob Melong Dorji’s body while practicing Tumo (Heat Yoga).

A part of many ruins of retreat centres of Sumthrang
surrounding the Sumthrang cliff
Therefore, Choje Lama Jamtsho puts an immense dedication in reviving the retreat centres around the cliff back to its service for the spiritual well being of the Kingdom and the world to serve long term and short term retreat services. He plans to start rebuilding of the retreat centres through generous help and support from his well wishers. Currently he is working towards the revival of Sumthrang Kangsoel, the festival with Sumthrang's unique and exclusive dances to its original glory.

Seven young minds of Sumthrang Samdrupcholing with
Chojey Lama Jamtsho
In an effort towards reviving the monastic school of Sumthrang and retreat culture of Sumthrang, Choje Lama Jamtsho with help from his well wishers recently sellected seven brilliant young minds and were sent to Drikung Jangchubling monastic school in the capital of Uttarkand state of India, Dheradhun. These young minds are expected to complete their monastic school with English language skills to return back at Sumthrang as the leading monastic teachers some day.

His Holiness Drikung Chabgoen Chetsang rinpoche consented to taking the students to be trained and educated at Drikung Jangchubling and provided the basic ordination of refugee to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha at Sumthrang during his recent visit.

The young minds from Sumthrang with Trulku
Tenzin Norbu Rinpoche at Jangchubling, Dheradhun
Besides, the outstanding support from Mr. Tshering Neema and a Lama from Gelephu, Trulku Tenzin Norbu Rinpoche of Drikung Jangchubling personally guided and took care of reaching the students to Jangchubling. His generous siblings also contributed financial support for the students in support of the  revival of Sumthrang monastery.  

Of seven children selected and sent from Sumthrang, two of them were placed in Class five, another two in class three, one in class 2 and the two youngest of the seven were placed in class 1 after going through an interview for their placement of classes. They will study all kind of modern subjects from language, science and maths until class six besides the traditional monastic learning.

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