Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sumthrang Chojey Ngawang Sonam's arts among now the best murals in the world

A mural of Great yogi the Phajo and his sons.
One of the mural works of Sumthrang Chojey
Penchen Ngawang Sonam
(Pic: Tashi Lhendup)
Tango Monastery is a national heritage as we all know. Not just because it is a monastery founded by a great saint but also because it houses century old precious arts and paintings beside the places and relics of sacred importance.
Tango is quite internationally known for its well preserved age old ancient arts and paintings of great skills.

The murals in Tango are recognized as the best murals in Bhutan and in the world and are greatly appreciated by national and international conservationist and the art experts. These paintings according to the national conservationist Tashi Lhendup have the best materials, superb in artistic skills and techniques. The mural conservation in Tango is expected to start in May this year(2015).

Therefore I would here like to highlight a piece of information on a part of paintings  of Tango Monastery which was quite untold.

An article published in English (Probably translated) by Centre for Bhutan Studies (CBS) authored by Tshenyed Lopen Kuenleg explicitly says that all the paintings of Tango Monastery is the work of painter Jangchub Sempa. “The wall paintings on all the 3 stories are the real work of the great painter Jangchub Sempa,” Tshenyed Lopen has said in his article (English version, CBS) unlike the different attribution mentioned in biography of Desi Tenzin Rabgye.