Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Calculate...!

Let me bring the calculation of date that contradicts two major claims that we see in Bhutanese histories and many who speak following the same.

1. Let us see if Lam Lhapa who resisted Phajo was Nyo Lhanangpa.
Phajo was born in 1184 that is 20 years after the birth of Nyo Lhanangpa who was born in 1164. At the age of 7, that is in 1191 Phajo started his study under Nyingma tradition of buddhism, and at the age of 12, that is in 1196, he has met the Nyingma master Tharpalingpa from whom he got the name Dhondup Gyeltshen (some other has Tharpa Gyeltshen as the name given by Tharpalingpa).