Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do-Ngoen (blue stone) dzong: Does our history tell us the truth........?

Dechenphodrang monastery at the location
where the do-ngoen dzong was built
I am of not sure if it is true when I read to learn that the Do-ngoen(bule stone) dzong (fortress) was built by Nyoe Gelwa Lhanangpa in the works of Bhutan's history tellers.

More over, it is untrue to my knowledge to claim that do-ngoen dzong as the first ever dzong built in Bhutan, because as far as I know Chelkha dzong (it is in ruins) is said to be the first dzong built in Bhutan by Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa.

Who have the right date and justification to support the ascertain that the Do-ngoen dzong was built by Nyo-Gyelwa Lhanangpa. To be precise there should be more appropriate dates supporting one another.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is this skull and the chest will find in Sumthrang Monastery?

The skull and the chest bone
Ngoe Gyelwa Lhanangpa after having spent some years in Chelkha monastery, headed back to Tibet leaving one of his disciple to take care of the monastery which later known as the Chelkha Dzong.

In This regard, to hight light a little on where about of the Chelkha Dzong, my own believe is that the Chelkha dzong is located below the Nubri village where there is a ruins of a dzong at the end edge of a mountain range standing high from the meeting point of two streams.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pictorial updates of Sumthrang Samdrup Choedzong

Finally yet another step ahead.... the court yard of the monastery is getting a face lift....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lochoe: the annual offering an annual gathering........

As for the family, it is at that time you enjoy the togetherness. When we the children could not walk . By the time when we start walking it make it tough for the parents to guide and guard for our safety, therefore if you are blessed with strong, healthy and without any defects on your body after your birth, thank your parents.
At our tender age, they don't let you go out, in fear of getting hurt as we play, and as we grow up, first time we depart if one may know is when you complete your schooling at home and have to go away for higher studies. One may not feel, but it's too cold for the parents.

 Never mind, it may be for the whole summer that time and to return on winter vacation back home. But suddenly, now you are in to a job, no way....... how terrible for your loving parents to miss you all time but how many of their children miss them?