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Lam Jamtsho: Shades some clear light on Pemalingpa and Nyo at ILCS

Lam Jamtsho: current incumbent of Sumthrang at the seminar

Speaking at the Local Scholars Seminar,  first of its kind in the country, organized by centre of culture and research unit of Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) in Taktse on 29th october, Lama Jamtsho, of Sumthrang Monastery talked about the linage history of Terton Pemalingpa in Bhutan.
He took the plate form to clear the misunderstanding and some information that he claimed as  wrong in some of the history textbook of lower classes, where the blacksmith, Garwa Yonten Jangchub was considered as Pema Lingpa's grandfather and the father to his Mother Drogmo Pema Dolma. 

He explained that Pema Lingpa's  mother Drogmo Pema Dolma is from Chokhor toe's Ngang dung, who's family is a descendents of tsampa lama, who has his linage connecting to tibet's lhasay tsangpa and his father's father is from Ngoe linage and is known as Yap Tanpi Nima the twin brother of Chojey Drakpi Yoezer of Sumthrang.
Therefore there is no way that Garwa Yonten Jangchub is the grandfather of Terton Pemalingpa and there is also no account of any other family or wife of his own,”he said. 
However Lam Jamtsho said that Garwa Yonten Jangchub looked after him as his adopter,  where he lived near to Terton Pemalingpa's family without a wife or relatives, Terton's mother gave berth to his brother Guru before he was not even a year old.  
He then was given to Garwa as he asked for the boy and has sent his aunty, Ani Drupthob Zangmo as the care taker and lived with the Garwa(blaksmith) Yonten Jangchub where he learned blacksmith,”he said. “Any intelligent young heart can learn such skills by just living with a one with such skills,” he added. 
Ani drupthob zangmo who was at her early age known as Yeshey Pemo, who was also a consort to Drupthob Thangthong Gyalpo and is the elder sister of Pha Dondrup Zangpo.
He pointed out that there is two Yab Tenpai Nima, one Zhabdrung's father and other Tertoen Pema Lingpa's grandfather, Yab Tenpai Nima, who was later born as the grand son to Terton Pemalingpa as Thuksey Dawa's son. “Later even the Thuksey Dawa's son was also left with the same name, for he was the reincarnation of Yab Tenpai Nima,”he said.
Speaking at the seminar, he cleared some misunderstandings of the students and lecturers, on Lam Lhapa where many considered it as Ngoe Gyalwa Lhanangpa.  
Explaining the account on Ngoe Gyalwa Lhanahgpa, Lam Jamtsho said that, Lhanangpa also led his life as Ngagpa(Tantric practitioner who had a consort) and because of that he was also known as Ngachang Neljor Tsemo. 
When his consort was pregnant, he decided to become an ordained monk therefore he left his consort before his son was born and went to Drikung Choppa Jigten Goenpo, who became his root teacher. 
Later with the prophecy of his root teacher he came to Bhutan through Paro Chelkha accompanied by his nephew Lhapa Rinchen Gyalpo. In Chelkha he had many disciples and sponsors who requested him to stay back as their teacher but instead he had went back to Tibet after spending in total of about 11 years leaving his nephew Lhapa Rinchen Gyalpo as his substitute.
When he was around forty nine years old, he accompanied his root teacher during their visit to Dakla Gampo, the monastery of Gampopa in Tibet and after that three of them, Ngoe Gyalwa Lhanangpa, Gar Dampa Choding and Palchen Choye, the three main disciples of Drikung Jigten Goenpo went to Tsari and discovered the hidden sacred place of Tsari following the advice of their root teacher.
During those times Lhapa Rinchen Gyalpo had difficult time in spreading his Dharma in Lhomon or Bhutan. He had disputes with Phajo Drugom Zhipo and later his followers with Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. Therefore late before the time of Gyelwa Lhanangpa's demise, Rinchen Gyalpo has expressed his concern to his root teacher through letter saying that they are not allowing him to expand his dharma in Lhomon. 
He received his reply from his master Ngoe Gyelwa Lhanangpa saying not to worry. Nyoe Gyelwa Lhanangpa had told that though his school of practice may not be allowed, there are signs that the leader of  the country will originate from his linage. Therefore, the Lam Lhapa was his nephew Lha Rinchen Gyalpo and not Ngoe Gyelwa Lhanangpa.
After sometime, Ngoe Gyalwa Lhanangpa had send his son to Bhutan via Moenla Karchung providing most of his sacred belongings such as Nga chung Sangwai Drukder (Thunder roaring small drum), Vajra dragger and few others to his son Nyoetoen Trulzhig Chojee and advised him to visit Bhutan to find his destination. 
Therefore Nyoetoen Trulzhig has come to Bhutan with his sacred belongings at around 1220's A.D following the prophecy of his master who is also his father. He built his monastery at Sumthrang after having found the place of prophecy from where the Ngoe linage in Bhutan has began. Terton Pemalingpa was also born to the linage.
There were eight local scholars who spoke at the seminar on various historic accounts and the seminar is expected be organized as an annual event at Taktse ILCS. 
Contributed by: Sonam Choden, ILCS Taktse

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