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His Holiness Chabgoen Chetsang the supreme head of Drikung's visit to Sumthrang

The Zhugtre to remain: HH sits on a stone made
rest seat on the way to Nubling
On September 25, the supreme head of Drikung, His Holiness Chabgoen Drikung Chetsang rinpoche visited Sumthrang monastery founded by Nyoton Trulzhing Chojey the son of Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa reconnecting the history of this monastic existence to Drikung.

His Holiness on the morning of 26th also visited the Nubling (western part) hermit of Sumthrang where he also did a brief check on the ruins of hermits around the Nubling part of the Sumthrang cliff.

HH walking back from the Nubling cliff
His Holiness said that Sumthrang should renovate the ruins of these retreat centers. After returning from the Nubling visit His Holiness provided empowerment of Avaloketesvara to the people of Ura valley where about 3000 people have gathered at the courtyard of Sumthrang monastery.

Sumthrang and people of Ura Dozhi performed Sumthrang Tacham (Horse Dance) and Lingdro for His Holiness after the wang (empowerment ritual).

HH inspecting the ruins
Family and relatives of Sumthrang offered Kusung Thugten Mendrel (Mandala of mind speech and body) to His Holiness as the offering of gratitude with prayer for long life.

Before His Holiness left Sumthrang on the morning of September 27, he also graciously provided Chab Dhom (Refugee Ordination) to eight young boys who will join Drikung Jangchubling in Dheradhun to study and master in Buddhism.

Sumthang’s very existence and its founding began from the seat of Drikung where Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa mastered his spirituality under the guidance of his great master, Drikung Jigten Sumgoen at around 11th century.
HH giving the Chenrezig empowerment
Nyo Gelwa Lhanangpa, prophesized the place to his son Nyoton Trulzhig Choejey highlighting the location identities such as the cliff at the north, conch shell resembling hill side at the south, rock bed in a shape of swastika at the east and a holy spring at the west, where in center lies the stone pillar. (In some oral context it is said the monastery was founded by Nyo Gelwa Lhanagpa himself as prophesized by Drikung Jigten Sumgoen, the narrative here is based on available written sources)

Local people gathered for empowerment
Therefore the origin of the Sumthrang monastery connects to the Drikung line of school in realtion to Nyo Gelwa Lhanangpa. However, Nyton Trulzing was a Nyingma Kyilaya Practioners when he began this seat. Today, the monastery practices both Kaguye and Nyingma traitions of its own unique tradition. The monastic specialty is the practice of Kyilaya.

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