Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kile wang, the blessing of Vejrakilaya

The wonderful gift of nature and spirituality..... the Kilaya manifested woods and bamboos. Locals call it the Kila wang which means the blessings of Kilaya.
These are some wonderful amazing shapes of natural gift that reamin as a sacred artefacts of the Sumthrang monastery an apiritual gift gathered by Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa, Sangay Raychen.
He collected all these wonderful pieces when he was  in Tsari (south east Tibet  bordering with Arunachal Pradesh, India) sent by Drikung Jigten Sumgoen for retreat and to open the undiscovered sacred locations of Tsari along with two other friends, Gardhampa and Pal-Choe.
Nyo, was a master accomplished in the manifestation of Vejra Kilaya. While he exhibited the mandala of Vejra Kilaya for his friends at Tsari, all the trees and bamboos at the area were found to be manifestation of Vejra Kilaya. He therefore took the parts of those wood and bamboo for reverence and to conserve as a sacred object which later has reached Sumthrang.

The shapes of the bamboos and the woods as you may see is all amazing, it does not only reflect the sacredness of having it once been in the form of Vejra Kilaya but also the reflection of natural forces. It is amazing that reality can also be seen through these astonishing objects.

One can also figure out how nature and Buddhism is correlated complementing one another. A serene atmosphere that the nature provides becomes the plate form for the practitioners to attain the realisation of their spiritual practice while the practitioners revere the nature for their serenity. 

A sound of a running river becomes a reliving music for an ailing mind, like wise these sacred objects of woods and bamboos give a peace of mind when one gets to enjoy its amazing features and while a blessing implants in a man the faith for peace and devotion to be pious.

There for every year with the recitation and ritual of Vejra Kilaya in the monastery, the public is given a chance to receive blessing, besides giving the chance to feel, see and admire the amazing features bye letting them take one by one in their hands.

But since some people have the habit of braking or scratching a part from these objects for self preservation, it has posed some risk of finishing and therefore the Sumtharang Chojee is considering to preserve with restriction for the public while providing the blessing after certain intervals.

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