Friday, March 2, 2012

Significance of Sombrang (sumthrang) Brag (cliff)

Sumthrang village is surrounded with Five sacred significant landscapes. A cliff like a piled text at north, conch shaped landscape at the south, pure holy spring water at the west and swastika (yungdrung) shaped rock bed at the east.
Here let me explain a little i know about the this wonderful cliff overlooking the village from its north which is one of the five sacred landscapes (with others to follow later).

This wonderful cliff known as Sumthrang Brag(cliff) is one of the five significant marks prophesied by Lord Drikung Jigten Sumgoen when he directed Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa to establish a Monastery in Lhomoen(now Bhutan). Nyo was asked to find a place that have a cliff like a piled sutra texts at the north. It according to the prophesy of Lord Jigten Sumgoen symbolizes the spread of dharma and its firm belief.
The cliff have a two parts of Sherling the Eastern yard and Nubling the western yard with hermits pitched at both the yards, serene for those with devotion to practice meditation.
While it stands high amid the flowering rhododendron bushes in summer, its peaceful location is a castle for seasonal folk of dove like pigeons that locals call it Phutrama. The birds symbolizes peace and locals believe that it does not feed on any worms or insects. At this time, migrating vultures also take a halt at the cliff while they move south from Tibet.
This cliff surrounded by a forest of fir trees and beautiful pasture above and flowering bushes below not only serves as a significant religious identity of the village but it also serve beautifully with its richness of natural spring water for drinking.
The cliff and its beautiful surrounding enjoy reverence of the locals as far as I know since my child-hood for its significance, and one of the major water source for Sumthrang's drinking water from the spring waters below the cliff is protected under its revered position.
The bush below the cliff is frequented by a folk of blood peasants in winter and there are some Nyes believed and revered. The fir jungle above the cliff is the home for various birds and it also holds one of the only two water shades in the territory of Sumthrang. Although its territory is limited, there are abundance of diversity in plant and animals that one can find in its own capacity.
The majestic cliff with as many nyes(sacred significance) and diverse biodiversity that one could get to experience stands tall overlooking four villages guarding the northern calamities, where flood and land slide is never a story in sumthrang locality.


  1. Samten, nice to go through your write up.

    It is interesting indeed to know more about Gyelwa Lhanangpa from your blog.

    when I was a young boy in village, I have also heard many stories abt Gyewla Lhanangpa. I have heard about his account in Shingkhar before he actually established his seat in Sombrang.

    One day I will write about it. please check whether there is a link in it ...


  2. Laso.. ajo.... and thank you for your moral support for this blog....and ya ago i just know until mumbrak incidence... but i shall check if there is any further....if he has any accounts at shingkhar...