Sunday, August 7, 2011

14th Zhamar Rinpoche graces Sumthrang Monastery

On request to Sumthrang's Chojey Lam Jamtsho, the 14th Zhamar Rinpoche accepting the invitation to grace with a visit and bless the place and people of the locality, visited Sumthrang Monastery on August 3, corresponding the drukpa tsezhe: the day of the Lord Buddha's first sermon that falls on the 4th day of 6th month of the lunar calendar.

Hundreds of people from around, Ura gather in front of Sumthrang monastery to receive tse wang. While the current Zhamar Rinpoche graced the visit on invitation from the 45th Chojey of the monastery, the 8th Zhamar Rinpoche happened to be a root techer: Tsawi Lama to Chojey Pelden Zangpo, the 8th Chojey of Sumthrang.
Sumthrang's Nyoe family is grateful for the Rinpoiche's graceful visit and also for his wish and prayers for the bright future to serve Buddha Dharma and its subjects for the peace of all living creatures.
Gratefully all of the Sumthrang's family members also had an opportunity to receive Rinpoche's blessings. May this bound remain to seed future union in liberation.

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