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Introduction of Ngoe linage: How it came into being

Nyoe Jachung Karpo a mural painting in Sumthrang Monastery:
It is said that the reasons for study of the history of lineages is not in order to guard one's caste and birth like a Brahmin but so that one can accumulate immense merit through the reading of the lives of the great masters and be inspired by their activities.
The origin of the Nyö lineage dates back to a very long time ago in Tibet much before the spread of Buddhism there. It is said that at a time when Tibet had just been settled, one dawn on the mountain of Jomo Kharag in Tsang, people saw a handsome, young man in white descend. Possessing all the qualities of a deva, he radiated with light and had a very peaceful aspect. No one knew him or had seen him before, no one understood his language, but because of his radiant and wondrous appearance, they bore him on their shoulders and revered him as a celestial being.
The humans called him Jachung Karpo or White Garuda. This was because he was very majestic and beautiful to look upon and had flown down to earth. He was a deva from the deva realms but due to the close proximity with humans who were enthralled with him and kept him surrounded at all times, this devaputra (son of devas) became tainted by mi grib or drib of humans and couldn't return back to his deva realm. He is described as having been slightly "intoxicated" by human defilements and thus the descendants born from Ja Chung Karpo (the White Garuda of Nyö) were called Nyö. The Tibetan word smyos is derived from the original word myos. The word myos literally means intoxicated and smyos means crazy in the literal sense. Since then many members of the Nyö lineage have also been described as demonstrating crazy wisdom and many mahasiddhalike activities and have therefore added to the multi layered meaning and organ of the word Nyö (smyos) in the name of the lineage.
Nyö Jachung Karpo married the princess of rmu, Ding Mo Tsün Shö (rmu lcam ding mo btsun bshos), who was herself a wisdom dakini and their descendents were called the Nyö and the lineage was thereafter known as Palden Nyörig or the Glorious Nyö lineage.

Below is the Nyo linage untill Lhanangpa.

Nyö Jachung Karpo (smyos bya khyung dkar po) married Mü Cham Ding Mo Tsün Shö

Nyö Je Tsenpo (smyos rje btsan po) married Dongza Karmo

Nyö Senge Shakya (seng ge shakya) married Mü Za Menmo Tsün Shö (rmu gza' sman mo btsun bshos) and had four sons- Dra Khar Je, Je Phen, Yag Je and Gur Je

Nyö Dra Khar Je (smyos gra mkhar rje) had two sons- Thug Je and Zhang Nge

Nyö Zhang Nge (zhang nge)

Nyö Dri De (smyos 'bri lde) - son of Zhang Nge

Nyö Dri Chung (smyos 'bri chung)

Nyö Palgyi Yönten (smyos dpal gyi yon tan)

Nyö Lopön Tshulyon (smyos slob dpon tshul yon)

Nyö Guru (smyos guru)

Nyö Lhaphen (smyos lha phan)

Nyö Thugyal (smyos mthu rgyal)

Nyö Lo Yönten Drag (smyos lo yon tan grags)

Nyö Tsang Dorje Lama (smyos gtsang rdo rje blama)

Nyö Palgyi Senge (myos dpal gyi seng ge)

Nyö Nag Dragpa Pal (smyos nag grags pa dpal)- emanation of Dharma King Ashoka

Nyö Gyalwa Lha Nangpa (smyos rgyal ba lha nang pa) the linage does not end here...

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