Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you supporters

The monastery was crumbling, with immediate need of renovation to which the current Chojey Wangdra Jamtsho more known as Lam Jamtsho started the renovation sometime since 2000. After a decade long the monastery is now safe from getting ruined: Thanks for his effort.
The chojey took this renovation without any revenue for him to support but with gut and hope. Thanks goes to those one and all supporters who helped him with cash and kind. The well wishers, relatives, friends and all those who did not mind to spare their hard earned revenue in support of the renovation. Even the minimal donations from visitors and tourists made a big difference.
I was grateful for the people of the village for proposing CDG share of the fund for the renovation work and the authorities for granting it that completed mural painting worth of Nu180,000 from CDG. The royal government for granting kidu of Nu300,000 at the begin of the work that was spent on the wood and timber administered by dzongkhag. Besides there are also many other individuals who supported individually in cash and kind that has the credit of taking the renovation work at this stage.
Some more works are yet to complete and that could contribute for the socio-culture promotion and conservation after getting done. It is thankful for those who still put an effort and think to support the ongoing renovation. Thank you one and all and will also appreciate continued support and help to be a part of the rebuilding of the oldest monument in the country.

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