Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank you MoLHR...

Finally an oldest Temple of the kingdom that remained ignored for decades without supporters gets an image lift. Thank you for the support rendered by the ministry of labour and human resourses (MoLHR). The inner and outer paintings on wooden parts are completed with support from MoLHR by choosing Sumthrang Temple for the job training. The dedicated effort of working by the students of the national institute for Zorigchusum in Tashiyangtse and Thimphu were meritorious.
We the community and sumthrang monastry thank the Minister and secretary of MoLHR, the, Principal of Thimphu Zorigchusum institute, faculty and students of Tashiyangtse and Thimphu zorigchusum institute who have their effort and dedication in bring up the up lift of this old monastry. May your support and dedicated contribution benefit all beings.

Thank you...

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