Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Phrumsingla National Park (PNP) scapegoats the locals...

file photo: The stretch of rocky terrain in Sumthrang
disturbed in 2013. If not Sumthrang temple, in hands of PNP
it must have been met with a greater damage.
“In 2013, a combined attempt from dzongkhag, gewog and PNP to demarcate the nye failed to materialize, with objection from people based on the letter that barred collection of boulders even on private land.” This is quoted by Kuensel as said by an official from PNP.

I would like to elaborate it because PNP uses that line as it scapegoats the local people. It would tell you how PNP lured the local people into their side of the story.

 1. PNP have said the same line to the locals during that attempt. The officials then had said: "if it were to protect the nyes around sumthrang no one shall be allowed to extract any stone from any where, even from the private lands." This has implanted fear in the minds of illiterate villagers making them join their lot.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Heritage and sacred sites may be losing as the cultural kingdom await a law protecting it

Phrumshingla National Park gives a lead to such a case in Bumthang…. 

The same tractor rushing down the stones
from the sacred site on June 26 and 27, 2016
It is a sad story and shameful that it has to be known. A country well known across the world as a Buddhist kingdom and a cultural landmark hasn’t much in place to protect such sites that gives this identity. It is until today left to its own faith and when there are cases that fight for the preservation, it is often lost.

These sacred sites were well protected until today just because the local communities regard and preserved it voluntarily. But what if such a person who does not regard these sites for his/her own personal benefit and selfish agenda are on rise in a locality? Will our sacred sites with lots of historical accounts sustain? Therefore the cultural and heritage sites bill is must and timely to be enacted sooner then later.

While I know the bill may be coming soon, many of such heritages sites are facing major challenges because even the environmental protective agencies does not care to make a move rather gives in to their own favouritism.
Therefore I am sure, many of destruction of such historical sites, rocks and forests must have gone unnoticed and uncared. Check it with Lopen Kinzang Thinley and he would point out several such sites already lost to such activities. Take this for example, recently the rock regarded as religious text of Drukpa Kinley in Pangna area of Chimi Lhakhang was almost moved out and destroyed if a village elder hasn’t come to its rescue. I was told the excavator brushing the area for some agricultural project broke it.